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A Tasmanian ICT Sector strategic plan was developed to ensure that the Tasmanian ICT industry – with the guidance of TASICT – could capitalise on the opportunities available to it and continue to grow whilst being mindful of potential threats.

As Tasmanian ICT firms enter a period of maturity with increased acceptance and adoption of technologies both in business and socially, the development and implementation of a coherent industry wide strategy is of critical importance to inform strategic choices for growth and development.

We have many successful ICT businesses in Tasmania who are recognised globally as being at the forefront in using technology to provide real world business solutions. Predominantly their focus has been on niche markets and opportunities.

For our industry to be competitive and prosper, we need to capitalise on this existing expertise and encourage further focus and development of smart enabled technologies targeted to global markets. 

In 2012, TASICT engaged In-tellinc to produce a strategic plan for the industry.  In-tellinc worked with the TASICT board and the broader industry through discussions and a number of surveys, to bring the strategic plan together.

The Plan was formally launched at the 2013 TASICT Industry Awards in front of then Premier Lara Giddings, Minister David O'Byrne and Shadow Minister Michael Ferguson (now Minister for Innovation and Technology). 

Tasmanian ICT Sector Strategic Plan



TasICT, in consultation with its membership, has been developing a range of policy positions on behalf of the Tasmanian ICT sector.

 Date                               Policy
28 February 2018 TasICT 2018 Election Policy
29 April 2016 TASICT Letter ACCC - Domestic Mobile Roaming Declaration Inquiry 2016
16 April 2015 Workforce Development Plan
19 January 2015 NBN Tasmania Policy  
5 January 2015 Sharing Economy Policy      
February 2015 Payroll Tax Policy
10 October 2013 Procurement Policy


On national issues, TasICT often refers to its national equivalent, AIIA.  To view a list of AIIA policies and submissions, please go to www.aiia.com.au




Where appropriate, TASICT makes submissions that represent the interests of its members and the broader Tasmanian ICT sector to government. 

 Date                               Submission and Testimony Final Report            
 24 July 2017 Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network    
 14 April 2016 TASICT Selects Committee into the Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures Final   
 4 February 2014 TASICT Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network    Report
 23 April 2014 TASICT Submission to the Inquiry into the National Broadband Network (Tasmania)         Report 



2017 Measuring Australia's Digital Divide: The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017

2017 Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Threat Report 2017

2017 Australia's Digital Pulse 2017

2017 Sensis Social Media Report 2017

2015 MITSloan Research Report Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation

2015 IBSA Environment Scan Information & Communications Technology Industry

2010 Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report 2010

2009 Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report 2009

2008 Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report Tasmanian ICT Sector Assessment Report 2008

2008 Tasmanian ICT Skills Report Tasmanian ICT Skills report 2008

2008 Tasmanian ICT Innovation and R&D Report Tasmanian ICT Innovation and Research 2008

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