“At  one TasICT networking event, in a single conversation, facilitated by TasICT we were able to build a $100K customer relationship. TasICT provides great value for any business large or small. We are proud supporters of TasICT” Damian Ivereigh Launtel


Representing the Tasmania ICT Industry

with one united voice

TasICT is the peak industry body for the Information, Communication and Technology industries and the leading advocacy and policy group in the Tasmanian digital ecosystem.

We are a non-profit organisation engaging with the industry, consumers, government and our national and international partners.

Since 1998 TasICT has stimulated the digital transformation and innovation across many industry sectors in the State. Our goal is to support and connect favourable business environments for Tasmania’s economic prosperity.

We do this by delivering outstanding member value:

  • Representing the industry to Government
  • Promoting technology and innovation successes through the media and the business community
  • Facilitating policy forums and policy statements
  • Providing a strong voice of influence across the business community
  • Building a sense of community and networking opportunities through events and education
  • Enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration
  • Developing compelling, relevant case studies showcasing successful digital transformations for the media, education providers, business events and government.
  • Engaging with educational Institutions to address skills shortages and bolster educational outcomes
  • Promote and action our Workforce Development Plan which provides a blueprint for growth and success within our industry
  • Host annual iAwards for excellence and conduct research and reports on the industry
  • Connect future business to our members

Our Members

TasICT membership is open to all organisations who produce, on-sell or utilise technology. Digital transformation is an integral part of all businesses regardless of their sector. We reflect many sectors who share an interest and a need for ICT to grow their business.

We represent over 90 organisations across the State:

  • international companies including Winc, Uber, Optus, Telstra, CGI, CSC, HP, KPMG and RXP Services
  • national companies including NBN Co, Entura, Hays Technology and MyState
  • Tasmanian companies including The Federal Group, TT Line, Tasmanet, ISW and Ionata Digital
  • a large number of ICT SMEs and Startups such as Biteable, 2PM Services and The Project Lab

TasICT Structure

The Board : Our Board represents the diversity of businesses interested in technology and innovation across Tasmania. The Board of Directors oversee TasICT operations and sets the strategic direction of the Association.

State Government : The State Government promotes TasICT’s objectives, programs, policies, interests and objectives. Minister Michael Ferguson has been quoted acknowledging that the government views TasICT as The single voice of ICT in the industry’.

Chief Executive Officer: The CEO provides vision, management and operational direction for the activities of the Association state wide. Will Kestin has over 25 years of senior executive experience.

Event Partners : Our Event Partners provide sponsorship, guest speakers and support for TasICT events.

TasICT in Numbers

560 People attended the TasICT State Conference in 2015 

613 People attended the TasICT State Conference in 2016 

603 People attended the TasICT State Conference in 2017

Awards 2016— 260 attendees Awards 2017— 353 attendees

196 Media stories across state and national channels (TV, Print and Radio)

12 Events hosted in 2015/16 financial year

23 Events hosted in 2016/17 to date

3,938 Students engaged

Special Events: 800+ Students from around the state, and 250 joined us for dinner when we hosted Harper Reed, the technologist responsible for inventing online crowd sourcing and was the CIO for the Obama re-election campaign .

Attending of our events have been the Premier, a variety of Ministers and Shadow Ministers, CIO’s of government and Industry, a variety of business and education decision makers and the media.

ICT in Numbers

Students currently enrolled in the study of ICT in Australia - 5,800

(opposed to 40,000 pre the .com crash of 2000)

Jobs currently on seek.com.au 28,365 

155 are in Tasmania

Technology jobs required in the next 5 years in Australia 100,000 

The ICT industry provides over 7,000 jobs in Tasmania

(up from 6,000 in 2016) and contributes     $2 billion to Tasmania’s GDP

49% of employed Australians are digital workers and 50% of ICT gradu- ates work in other industries besides technology.

75% of future jobs will require STEM skills, only 16% of students are currently studying STEM subjects


Audience Overview

TasICT engages with

  • Many levels of employees, whether its high level executives or entry level staff TasICT has benefits for all employees across Australia representing many key vertical markets
  • VC’s, investors and service providers to many business sectors
  • New Customers and trusted advisors to new customers
  • Channel marketing, sales and integration organisations
  • Government and industry stakeholders
  • Education partners in both universities and the TAFE system
  • Other peak industry bodies and business organisations
  • Tasmania’s best entrepreneurs and start ups

Partnering with TasICT

provides you with the opportunity to

  • Educate and Influence key decision makers, innovators, industry and government policy
  • Engage and Interact with a high value audience
  • Inform market research through profiling of Tasmanian’s digital innovation ecosystem
  • Drive lead generation and create new business opportunities
  • Promote your products and services

TasICT is proudly sponsored by


  • TasNetworks
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Telstra
  • RXP Services
  • DXC
  • Hays
  • TasmaNet
  • Ionata Digital
  • Uber
  • 2PM Services
  • TIMG
  • Winc
  • EaglecrestTechnologies
  • CGI
  • ISW