Business Profile - Sproutr

Online Trading Space Swaps Equity for Services
Sproutr is an online trading space for businesses to swap equity for services. It is a company that revolutionizes the way a company starts. We provide a website that matches companies and service providers together, create the legal agreements between the parties, validate the authenticity of each party, and deal with the regulatory reporting of equity swaps for our clients. 

Innovation Description

Sproutr utilises existing technologies in an innovative way. A powerful web application has been made into a social but professional platform, with an algorithm to optimally match professionals to a business project. It also assists by being able to negotiate and produce a legally binding contract for the project and equity to be swapped, which is totally new and appealing in this space. This facilitates a new niche within the startup and employment markets for equity trading through the internet.  

Solving the Challenges
Currently there is a lack of growth in the startup industry that is due to low venture capital availability in Australia, and that provides an opportunity for Sproutr. By offering alternative methods of investment for anyone who signs up, we are changing the dynamic of the business environment and the way business is done. Our equity for services swap solution decreases the financial burden on startups resulting in increased growth and success. Sproutr was then created into a unique platform that uses technology to allow for fast and efficient business transactions to be made. Our platform is also unique as it takes a thorough holistic approach to the problem, incorporating both legal protection and risk management into the solution.

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Jozey Michalek

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer
Sproutr Pty Ltd
0448 019 965


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